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Ian White, Naturopath and fifth generation Australian herbalist, is the founder of the Australian Bush Flower Essences. Flower Essences have been used around the world for thousands of years by many Indigenous Cultures to treat emotional health and wellbeing. Make an appointment with Jeni for an Australian Bush Flower Essences consultation.

Australian Bush Flower Essence
Australian Bush Flower Essence
Australian Bush Flower Essence

Australian Bush Flower Essences Consultation

Australian Bush Flower Essences can help us with the stresses and demands of everyday life. They are suitable for adults, children, and pets too!

From infancy through to our senior years, there are Australian Bush Flower Essences that may assist us through the different stages and circumstances of life.

An Australian Bush Flower Essence consultation involves taking a case history and deciding on the most appropriate Australian Bush Flower Essences to best address one’s physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual needs. Numerology, kinesiology (muscle testing), dowsing and age regression techniques may be used to explore the causes of illness or emotional distress. Australian Bush Flower Essences may also be prescribed as part of naturopathic treatment.

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